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Top 5 Issues You Need To Fix To Be Successful With Goal Setting

Top 5 Issues You Need To Fix To Be Successful With Goal Setting

Top 5 Issues You Need to Fix to Be Successful With Goal Setting



Download a printable copy of “My 2019 Goal Planner”


2019 Goal Planner


Are you having difficulty setting goals? Goal setting is a process and if you are having issues doing it, you need to figure out and understand why. Listen to your emotions and figure out the reasons before you pick up that pen and paper. I am writing this post since the New Year is just around the corner and I have encountered the same issues in the past. If you are not even sure where you are heading in the future, you probably are encountering these feelings and it’s blocking you every step of the way in the process. So, let’s get started and go through the top 5 issues you need to fix to be successful with your goal setting.



1. Vision for Yourself


Writing goals without a vision of your transformed self in mind is not a good way to start. Don’t set goals if you don’t have that clear image in your mind of what you want to achieve and how happy you are about it.  Take the first action of visualizing what you want to be and where you want to go. Think about the areas in your life you that want to change. Write down a description of the “now” and the “future” image of yourself. Depending on how you want to create that vision of yourself, make sure it is clear and you can describe it. You may write it in a couple of paragraphs or two columns in bullet points or use images. You can get creative about it. Think about internal and external change that you want for yourself. Create that vision in your mind and don’t let it go.



Obstacles to Goal Setting


2. Lack of Clarity


If you don’t have clarity when you start writing your goals, you will just go in circles and end up writing no goals at the end. Having clarity is what you need in identifying the things you need to change and the direction you want to take. Put it in words, illustrate it through pictures, create a vision board or use tools to help you create clarity of your future self. It is not enough to state, “I want to be a successful writer next year”. You need be as specific as you can of your description in terms of time, money, the way you look, the way you feel or where you are when you achieve success. Lack of clarity can confuse you of what you are trying to achieve and you will not be able to write or set your goals clearly.





3. Lack of Determination


If you lack determination when setting your goals, it will just disappear from your mind in a day or two. You need to focus on what you are trying to achieve. Create measures to discipline yourself and make your goal an important part of your daily life. Initially, you need to change your habits and allocate a time to create the tasks that will take to complete your goals, create vision boards to motivate yourself, visualize daily to internalize what you want to achieve and be determined that you can accomplish the goals you set. Practice makes perfect. So, create your own process and have the willpower to do the change you truly desire.



Happiness Quote

4. Lack of Self-Discipline


You need to understand that when you set your goals, it will be a part of your daily life. There will be tasks you have to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Be tough with yourself and instill in your mind that self-discipline is part of your goal setting process to accomplish what you want to achieve. With self-discipline, you need to be organized, learn to prioritize tasks and create a strict rule for yourself. For goals to be clear, manageable and easy to follow, you need to be as detail as you can and it will be easy to follow as you work it through the whole year. Once you have acquired self-discipline, setting goals will not be as difficult as you think.



Winners and Losers


5. Not Enough Motivation


Motivation should be one of the reasons why you are setting goals to change your life. If you lack motivation, it might not be the goals for you or you might be setting goals with somebody else in mind. You need to be happy and inspired by what you have planned. It should be a motivation for you when you wake up in the morning and why you need to look at that goals list every day. If you lack motivation, then you need to rethink those goals and make sure it is for you and how important it is for you to see it through. Set the right goals that will motivate and inspire you. Never set unrealistic goals that you know are not achievable on the time that you have specified. This will just lead you to frustration instead of motivation.

What You Want to Become


Now that you know what can affect your goal setting process you need to take the steps to rule out these issues. Here are a few exercises you can start with.

  • Take the first step by writing the “now” and the “future” image of yourself.


  • Once you have a visual image, always keep that beautiful and clear picture in your mind. Anything you do going forward should work towards achieving that image.


  • List down goals into categories of your life (personal, health, etc.) and write the goals for each category.


  • Create tasks and schedule for each goal. NOTE: Goals are meant to be reviewed and updated every day. You don’t write goals and just forget about it afterward.

  • Keep a calendar and schedule milestones for each task and goals. And again, review and look at it every day if you are really serious on achieving them.


  • Create a vision board for yourself. Visualization is very powerful and I have a first-hand experience of achieving goals and using vision boards.  This is my favorite part of the whole goal setting exercise. You can use online tools to do this but my most favorite way of doing this is looking for images and beautiful pictures and putting it all together in one vision board. Have fun with this.



  • Surround yourself with positive and motivated people.


  • Be organized. And I am not only talking about your work area which includes your computer files but also your thoughts, your house, and surroundings as well. Declutter and let go of things and relationships that no longer serve you.


  • Most of all keep yourself fit and healthy. This includes your physical activities, your choice of food and the way you live.


Take control of your life and focus on what you need to accomplish every day towards achieving your goals.  Click here to learn more about how to create SMART goals from this article by Brian Tracy.


Download a printable copy of “My 2019 Goal Planner”


2019 Goal Planner



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