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How To Create An Amazing Blog

How To Create An Amazing Blog

How To Create An Amazing Blog


Blogging is a great medium to express yourself and deliver your message across your intended audience. It is one of the many ways to become an active part of the online global community. And if you have your own website, you get the opportunity to gain all the benefits from your blog such as having an online business, advertising and so much more.  Select the right tools to create your blog, learn and get creative. Here are the main steps on how to create an amazing blog.

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1. Web Hosting and Domain Name.


If you are serious about blogging, you need to pay for your own website hosting service. It is a virtual space to store your blog and images. You can buy your own domain name through the same company hosting your blog. But, if you have already purchased your domain name from another company, you will still have the option to transfer your domain name to your preferred web hosting service.

As a new blogger, most likely you will have questions as you go through the creation of your website. So, it is very important your web hosting service offers a reliable technical support. I am using Siteground because not only that the prices of their plans are reasonably low but the 24/7 technical support is excellent.


Click Here To Learn How To Setup Your Website With Siteground


How To Set Up Your Website With Siteground

Step #2. Install WordPress.


Once you have you have purchased your web hosting service and your domain name, you can install WordPress to write your content. Note: WordPress download is FREE with Siteground. Here are the steps:


Log into Siteground


Create a Website



Click on My Accounts –> CPanel –> Click on WordPress

Follow the prompts to install WordPress.





While you are on your My Accounts page, you can add a powerful feature that will help prevent identity theft, reduce spam and email harvesting. If this service is available for your domain extensions there will be a button Add ID Protect in your User Area My Accounts → Domains section.


Cpanel Setup


Step #3. Cpanel Configuration.


There are other features you can install in Siteground before you start creating your website such as encrypting your site using “Let’s Encrypt” and configuring your personalized email using your domain name. You can explore your Cpanel for all the features available. Click through all the icons on Cpanel page and start configuring the features you want to use.



Start Blogging



Step #4. Select A Theme.

After you have installed WordPress, you can start creating your website. If you choose to use a free theme or add free plugins, there will be no more extra cost for you and yet your site will look as beautiful and professional. It’s your choice.


Free Theme Samples

Wordpress Free Themes



Step #5. The Details of Creating Your Website


These are basic tasks you need to perform to create your website. Click here to go through the WordPress tutorial.


Step #5. Use Effective Tools To Market Your Blog.



Free Resource Page



Once your website is up and running, you can start writing your post, enhance your site, connect to your followers and most of all start earning money online.


Web Hosting


Click Here To Learn How To Setup Your Website With Siteground


How To Set Up Your Website With Siteground


To learn how to use PINTEREST to market your products. CLICK HERE.


Pinterest Ninja e-course


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