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5 Effective Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Views

5 Effective Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Views

5 Effective Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Views


I started my blog “Design a Beautiful Life for You”,  in March 2018 and I had a Pinterest personal account at that time. The following month I converted my Pinterest personal account to a business account with the intention of increasing my engagement and to start growing my audience. With that in mind, the Pinterest business account will also provide me access to my analytics and get other free features that are not available in a personal Pinterest account. The 5 tips that I am sharing here has been effective in growing my monthly views. These are simple strategies that got me over a million Pinterest views.


I am a manual pinner and I don’t use any type of automation in Pinterest since I am on a tight budget. But I was so amazed how my account grew and got 1.3 million monthly views in just almost 4 months. Automation is an efficient way to grow your Pinterest account and that is probably the way I am going in the future when my business starts to pick up. But going manual works for me at the moment because I need to get a good understanding of how Pinterest works and how to navigate around it. It is an excellent search engine and you can extract tons of information from it. Below are the before and after shots of my Pinterest page showing how the monthly views have gone up.


My Pinterest Personal Account in March 2018


With a Pinterest personal account, I did not have access to analytics, audience, conversion and other free features to grow my audience. I started with a few followers before I converted to a business account.


Pinterest Personal Account


My Pinterest Business Account in July 2018


After I converted my Pinterest account to a business account which I estimated sometime around at the end of March, my monthly views since then jumped up. And I am currently at 1.3 million monthly views. I have access to my analytics, conversions, audience and a  lot of other features that I can use to my advantage to grow my page views.


Pinterest Business Account


My Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Monthly Page Views


Tip #1.  Create a Pinterest Business Account

To be able to create a business account, you need to have your own website URL. If you have a Pinterest personal account with a number of followers that you don’t want to lose, you can convert it to a Business account and still keep your followers. Another option is to create a brand new Pinterest Business Account and request your existing followers to follow your new page. To create a business account does not require a business license or a monthly plan. It’s FREE. You just need your own website URL that you need to link to Pinterest.


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Tip #2. Claim Your Website and Complete Your Pinterest Profile

The Pinterest Help Center has information on how to claim your website from Pinterest. Click here for instructions.

Once your website is claimed, pin an image from your website to Pinterest to test if your website is now linked to your Pinterest account. At this point, you should have access to your analytics. Go to Settings and complete all the sections about your profile. The information you enter in the About You section will display on your Pinterest homepage. This will be the information that your audience will read first about you when they visit your page.


Tip #3. Create Rich Pins With Keywords

When creating a pin, make sure you provide a good pin description enriched with keywords. You can now add hashtags to your pin description. Also, take your keywords into consideration when creating your board titles and board description.  The board description should also contain words that are relevant to your keyword. Once pins are uploaded, verify if it is linked to its source.

 Click here for information about rich pins.


Tip #4. Pin Consistently

Consistency is key. Instead of being a bulk pinner where you pin a large volume of pins once a week, Pinterest would prefer if you pin daily. Focus on your first 5 pins and pin it to relevant boards. Use good quality images, colors, and fonts for your pins. Pinners are always looking for fresh content. So, if you are repinning an existing post, use a new pin when you repin it on Pinterest. The time of day you post on Pinterest does not matter but your 1st 5 pins will be displayed to your followers at midnight UTC.


Tip #5. Monitor Your Analytics

Review your analytics regularly. Monitor and study good performing and underperforming pins. Study your audience and their interest. Take advantage of the analytics in growing your audience, monthly views and new followers.

Click here for more information on Pinterest analytics.


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